Looking For a Home?

Let the professionals at the Scott Realty Consultants find you the perfect home and expertly guide you through the purchase process for FREE! Some companies charge their Buyer clients a fee for their services, but our services to home buyers is at no cost!

 What Are you Looking For?

Most people have an idea of what they want in a home. If not, we can help you define your housing goals.  After a quick consultation on what you're looking for we can show you several homes that meet your needs in the area of your choosing (anywhere within a hour or so of Sacramento). You'll never be made to feel like you're under any pressure to buy a home. When you find the right house, you'll know it!

Are Your Pre-Qualified for a Loan?

We'll connect you with the best lender in the Sacramento area to make sure you get the best treatment and best loan rate and fees available!

Our Three Hats

As your real estate consultant we have three primary jobs (other than helping you find the perfect home!). They are your negotiator, your consultant and your manager of details. 

As you negotiator we are like a  pit-bull when it comes to making you or saving you money. We treat your money like it was our own. As your consultants we'll help you clarify your goals and make wise decisions along the ways. And finally as your manager of details we will oversee the details of your transaction and make sure every "I" is dotted and every "T" is crossed. There are dozens and dozens of documents that need to be signed and at least a dozen other professional involved that need to be managed as well. We do all of this with style and grace to make sure the whole transaction is as stress free as possible!

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